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Outside your home

  1. Clean your windows: Some homebuyers have a difficult time looking past these minor touches, so don't even allow this to be a problem in your listing. 
  2. Pressure wash your home, porches and decks : A simple step that leaves a big impression when home buyers are taking their first look at your home! 
  3. Paint the house and/or trim: As mentioned before fresh paint adds a clean crisp touch, especially for the entry.​
  4. Lawn maintenance: Keeping grass cut, hedges trimmed and sidewalk/ flower beds edge.
  5. Potted plants: A few potted plants at the front door give such a welcoming feeling. Also adding a few live plants to patios and back porches make for a very comfy feel. 
  6. Fresh mulch or pine straw in beds: That final touch that will leaves a great impression with home buyers. 
  1. Remove the clutter: This is the cheapest and easiest way to make a great impression on new buyers… de-clutter! 
  2. Clear off counter surfaces: Tuck away all small kitchen appliances; blender, mixers and anything not being used daily.  Bathroom counters; all personal items tucked away, only decorative towels, soap dispensers etc. 
  3. De-personalize the home: Keeping family photos to a minimum, and other personal touches around the home natural as possible. A little personal touch is better than bare spaces! 
  4. Obvious repair needs: If you have items that need obvious repair, take care of them before listing. For example: crack tiles, sheetrock patches, cracked or missing light/outlet covers any obvious wood root or peeling paint.  These small items can really causes a buyer to wonder about deferred maintenance on other larger items.
  5. Fresh paint: Paint adds a fresh clean look!  Fresh paint on all exterior doors and trim make a crisp clean first impression.  Touch-up the paint in rooms where there are nicks and scrapes on the wall along with any scuffed trim. 
  6. Fresh caulking in bathrooms: Adding fresh caulking in showers tubs and around the sinks.
  7. Replace or clean worn carpeting
  8. Make sure to replace all burned out bulbs​
  9. Oil squeaky doors and hinges
  10. Storage: Buyers understand you sellers are preparing to move and with that comes boxes and items they have pulled to donate etc…  designate a space for boxes already packed, extra items/furniture from other areas of the house.  Designate a closet or a spare bedroom; stack nicely and make as tidy as possible. 

Inside your home

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