Roberts & Co. customizes each marketing plan to meet the needs of every

individual property and customer. 

Each property is unique as are the target buyers.  During our pre-listing period we will analyze the location, property and its unique features to create the best marketing plan possible. The marketing plan will be reviewed with the sellers prior to listing.

A few things that are common in our advertising include:

  • Our company website- along with our social media sites
  • Homes & Land- Print & online
  • Tallahassee Democrat- Print & online
  • MLS- this automatically feeds to hundreds of online search engines such as Trulia, Zillow,, etc…
  • Mail outs- Direct mail outs to neighbors as soon as the home is listed.  I find most neighbors are a very good source of word of mouth advertising.
  • Networking- Our team at Roberts & Co. is active in the communitly and in the Tallahassee Board of Realtors. 
    • Networking with other realtors and potential home buyers is a large part of how we can get the word out that your home or property is available!

  • Open houses- Open houses are most sucessful when done within the first few weeks of being exposed to the market.  We advertise open houses in print and online and greet our potential buyers with customized flyers and property details listed in our “home book”.  

How We Help you sell

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