"We had the pleasure of working with Courtney over the past several months, and she made the selling and buying process as stress free as possible. She is very professional and was patient with us during our home search. She explained everything thoroughly and demonstrated a wealth of knowledge in real estate. We would highly recommend using her for any real estate needs you may have".


"I highly recommend Courtney. I am a single lady who had many special circumstances to deal with while my home was on the market. (Sick family members, pet, etc.) Courtney was able to coordinate all aspects of selling my home while meeting all of my needs. I was kept well informed throughout the entire process. Courtney is very kind and professional and will always have 100% of my confidence and trust. My home with good bones which needed work, sold quickly due to her negotiation skills. I really appreciate it".

"Jamie Bellamy is top notch!! She gives 110% in everything she does! I gave her a time frame of when I needed my house to sell, and TO THE DAY, she DID IT! I'm amazed at her abilities, and would recommend her to anyone!! Thank you to Roberts & Co., and especially to Jamie"!


"Courtney was incredibly patient and helpful during our recent home search in Tallahassee. We would recommend her highly".


"Courtney had our house under contract in less than 24 hours - 1 month later our house is sold and we have a contract on our new home! Courtney is professional, responsive, and was always willing to meet us at the drop of a hat. I would 100% recommend her"!


"Courtney went above and beyond what we expected when it came to finding our dream home. She was with us every step of the way and made it all so easy!! I would recommend her to anyone, especially first time home buyers".


"Courtney Roberts was wonderful to work with during our lengthy (two year), stressful house hunting process. We changed directions several times over the TWO YEARS that she helped us and she supported our decisions 100% along the way. I am in sales myself, so I know each time a client changes their mind, it can be frustrating. However, Courtney never got frustrated (that we saw- wink wink) and let us know that she did "get" that this was a HUGE decision and it needed to feel right at every level. She stated over and over that buying a home is the biggest decision a couple can make and she educated us on ever facet of real estate along the way in order to prepare us for that decision. Another area where Courtney really shines is that she was able to communicate effectively to my husband and I in totally different ways. She recognized that my husband was more driven by numbers, resell, security, investment, etc where as I was more focused on the "energy" and feeling the home gave me. She also helped me articulate what that energy actually translated to- it meant "flow" - floor plan- natural light'- view, yard setting, etc. She helped us recognize each person wanted valid things and that all requirements were important and all could be met in one home- it just might take some time. (aka it might take two years!) She was very good at helping us articulate and focus on a "must have" list that had to be met or neither of us would be happy and she was always the first one to point out what each house was missing on this list. I was always impressed with the fact that if I started to think it was the right house, she would ask me questions that made me really analyze if it was really the right fit. I really appreciate that, because there were several houses I probably could have bought and would have been "ok" with and our sales process may have been a tad bit shorter. However, in the end we found the house that pleased both of us for different reasons and my husband and I could not be more pleased with the results and the price she was able to help us negotiate. She was very strategic and knowledgeable in her negotiations and we were prepared to pay more. Way to go Courtney! Lastly, she does the little things that make you feel appreciated along the way. She is always prepared and generous. She always thinks out of the box and is reassuring if things start to falter. If there was nothing on the market, we took the opportunity to educate ourselves on areas, etc. Her follow up post sale has been wonderful and she really wants her clients to be happy. I appreciate Courtney and would 100% use her in the future and recommend her to any buyer or seller. I have no doubt that her intelligence, her drive, ambition and work ethic would not meet but BEAT any expectations you have regarding Tallahassee real estate. Thanks again Courtney. I can't wait to invite you to my house warming party!"



"Courtney has been my real estate person for all of my properties. She has been very patient, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I couldn't imagine using anyone else and I would recommend he r to anyone new to home buying or those that know how the process works".