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10 Questions with... Jamie Bellamy

About Jamie Bellamy As a fourth-generation Tallahasseean, Jamie has deep roots in our community. She is known for her next-level client service. Not only is she a real estate pro, she serves her clients as a consultant, champion, educator, therapist, and friend. Jamie brings years of experience working with people, understands the need for being prepared and the importance of going the extra mile ~ all of which will enable her to best help her clients whether they are buying or selling a home.

1. What was your first job in real estate? Sales Associate with Roberts & Co

2. What led you to a career in real estate? My father was a REALTOR when I was growing up, so I was familiar with the business. I was in my eleventh year of teaching and was looking to make a change to spent more time with my ever-growing children. Courtney is a long-time friend. One day at her house, she told me that she thought I should get my license. She was opening her own brokerage. I jumped at the chance to work with her. That conversation was in December of 2014. By January 23, 2015, I had taken the class and passed the test to get my license. The rest, as they say, is history.

3. What is your favorite part of the job? The people! I love guiding people through the process to purchase probably the most expensive asset in their life. I am a teacher at heart, so teaching people about the process and helping them through it comes naturally to me.

4. What's one piece of advice you'd like to share with any first-time homebuyers? Breathe, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride!

5. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you when showing a house? It's hard to choose just one! Once I opened a closet and there was a full-size skeleton in the corner. Talk about “a skeleton in your closet!”

6. What's the one piece of technology that you can't live without? My phone. It's amazing how much you can accomplish with just your phone.

7. What is the one truth that's held constant throughout your career? No transaction is ever the same.

8. Who would you say has influenced your career the most? Courtney Roberts, no doubt

Courtney and Jamie

9. Fill in the blank: I can't make it through the day without _________________. A cup of ice to chew (aka - rabbit ice)

10. What is the best advice you've ever been given? If you don’t know something, don’t act like you do. There is nothing wrong with saying that you don't know. Find out the answer and get back to the person.

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