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City of Tallahassee Utility Grants

Attention City of Tallahassee utility customers. Did you know that the City has several grants available for eligible utility customers?

Energy Efficiency Retrofit Grants help qualified customers repair their HVAC systems. This income-based grant addresses energy-saving concerns such as evaporator coil cleaning, refrigerant leak repair and charging, and duct leak repair. This grant is for income-based customers only. Check to see if you qualify HERE. To get started, call 850-891-4968 to schedule a free energy audit. Full grant information online HERE.

Ceiling Insulation Grants are available to customers who are below qualified levels of insulation. The City will pay 80 percent of the installed cost up to a maximum of $400 or up to 100% of the installed cost up to $500 for customers who qualify based on income. Get started by scheduling a free home or business energy audit by calling 850-891-4968. Full information online HERE.

Sewer Over Septic Grants are available now for a limited time, funding the entire cost of connecting eligible properties to the City's sewer system. To see if you're eligible, fill out the eligibility request form HERE. This one is only around for a limited time, so act fast.

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