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Spotlight: Lafayette Park

The Lafayette Park nieghborhood is known for charming older homes and walkable streets. Like many of Tallahassee's early neighborhoods, it's located located on land that was gifted to the Marquis de Lafayette by the United States after the American Revolutionary War. Many of the more than 500 homes in the neighborhood were built in the 1920s and 1930s.

A center point of the community is the 22-acre Lafayette Park itself which combines a large natural landscape with the Sue Herndon McCollum Community Center which was built in 1957. The center offers kids' recreational sports, an after school program, as well as a wide variety of arts and crafts classes. It also hosts several community groups. The park itself features a fitness trail, tennis courts, a basketball court, and playground.

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School zones:

  • Kate Sullivan Elementary

  • Cobb Middle School

  • Leon High School

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Lafayette Park entrance

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