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Spotlight: Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills is located between Thomasville Road and Meridian Road just south of Interstate 10. The charming neighborhood sits on more than 400 acres that were once a hunting and fishing plantation. The majority of homes in the area were built in the 1960s and 1970s. Homes in the neighborhood are large, most over 2,200 square feet. The most common house styles here are Southern Traditional and Midcentury Modern.

At the entrance of the neighborhood you'll find Waverly Pond, complete with a water feature, bridge over the water, gazebo, and picnic area. Waverly Hills has no homeowners association fees but there is a volunteer homeowners association which asks for donations every three years to support its projects.

School zones:

  • Gilchrist Elementary School

  • Raa Middle School

  • Leon High School 

waverly little library.png

Waverly Hills Little Library

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