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Spotlight: Levy Park

Levy Park is a midtown neighborhood bordered by Tharpe Street on the north, Monroe Street on the east, 4th Ave on the south, and Gibbs Drive on the west. It is "an awesome neighborhood," as one can tell from the neighborhood seal.

The neighborhood was established in the early 1940s. The land was donated to the city by the widows of the Levy brothers who were owners of mercantile stores in Tallahassee. When it was first established, Levy Park was outside of the city limits.

Ruedger Elementary and Raa Middle School are located within the neighborhood and are easily walkable for residents. You'll also find "Little Libraries" scattered throughout the neighborhood, old newspaper bins where residents drop off and pick up books.

School zones:

  • Ruediger Elementary

  • Raa Middle School

  • Leon High School


Levy Park neighborhood sign

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