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Home staging, is it worth it?

Is home staging worth the hassle or money? After 18 years of walking through homes with buyers and watching marketing trends, home staging is no longer sporadic; buyers anticipate it.

The saturation of home buying and renovating TV shows sets an expectation for buyers, whether they realize it or not.

There are different levels of staging, and it is more beneficial for some homes than others.


These homes benefit the most.

When you walk into a vacant home with open spaces, it is hard for most buyers to visualize the furniture layout, how large the rooms are, or what size or amount of furniture each room can hold. It also gives it a cozy, homey feel.

For properties with unique floorplans, envisioning the use of spaces is challenging, primarily when vacant.


Staging can help cluttered homes feel more spacious in size. Not only can the proper amount and size of furniture create a more significant feel of living or bedroom space, but the organization of closets and shelves will also give the feel of more storage space.


Ill-placed furniture

can distract from the home's overall feel and shrink spaces.


for example, when previewing a mid-century modern sty

le home, you walk in, and all the furnishings are farmhouse chic and

vis versa. It distracts buyers and doesn't ideally showcase the home.

For more convincing, check out a few of the photos from a recently listed home un-stages, and staged along with a few statistics from NAR (National Association of Realtors).

For more thoughts on staging or the buying or selling process, lets chat.

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