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Hurricane Preparation: Homeowner Edition

Having the proper supplies on hand is key to being prepared during this year’s hurricane season, which lasts through the end of November. There are plenty of preparedness checklists out there like the one from American Red Cross and that we highly recommend reading. As a Florida native and hurricane veteran, I have three additional recommendations for things you should do before a storm hits if you own a home.

1. Gather important documents such as home and car insurance policies, titles to your home and cars, birth certificates, marriage license, and other important docs in a folder or box that you can easily grab if you need to evacuate. If your home is damaged in the storm these are things you don't want to have to search for. 2. Create a contact list of phone numbers including a local roofer, tree service, your home and car insurance agent, and insurance company claims numbers. If you do suffer damage, particularly due to a downed tree, you will want to start making phone calls immediately for help. You will thank yourself for having these numbers handy. The sooner you get yourself on the list of a roofer or a tree company should you have a tree that has landed on your roof, the sooner they'll be able to get a crew out to you. Remember that the roofers and tree companies are likely closed during the storm, but they'll be checking messages as soon as the weather is clear enough for them to go to work and dispatching crews to assist impacted homeowners. 3. Take pictures or video of your home and valuables for insurance claims before the storm hits. This will make it easy for you and your insurance adjuster to determine what items were lost and how much they are worth should you need to file a claim.

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1 Comment

Apr 13, 2022

One can get a roof repair contractor list from google and can contact them for sure when it comes to deal with hurricane damages.

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