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Places we love in The Market District

We love being a part of Tallahassee's Market District. There is always something fun to do in this part of town. I thought I'd share some of my favorite locally-owned places here for you to explore, whether you're a Tallahassee local or just visiting.


Bedfellows Tallahassee Known for their fine linens, gifts, and home accessories, Bedfellows also offers fantastic furniture. It's always worth stopping in to see what's new in this darling store. Find them at 1495 Market Street in The Gallery at Market Street . Chrysalis Fine Fabrics & Furnishings This locally-owned decorative fabric shop is the largest in Tallahassee. Their talented staff can help you choose fabrics that will make your home beautiful. Visit them at 1410 Market Street. Hearth & Soul Clothing, accessories, furniture, library, kitchen, home goods & more - there is always something new at Hearth & Soul. Be sure to check out their events calendar for their variety of virtual and in-person events like book signings and yoga classes. Stop by at 1410 Market Street, near Chrysalis Fine Fabrics. Gypsy Rose Boutique Clothing boutique inspired by coastal boho vibes. You'll find a wide selection of dresses, game day outfits, accessories, and gifts. Find them at 1350 Market Street. Harper Hill Kids Boutique This children's boutique specializes in fun unique finds for children and babies. From clothing and toys to a baby registry and home decor, you're sure to find something you want to take home from Harper Hill. They're located at 1350 Market Street next to Gypsy Rose. Nic's Toggery Nic's has been a Tallahassee institution since 1950 known for its fine menswear. Visit them at 1455 Market Street in The Gallery at Market Street (next door to Bedfellows).


Little Paris This casual French bistro is a little slice of heaven right here in Tallahassee. You can't go wrong with classics like the Croque Monsieur or the French Crepe. Find them at 1355 Market Street. Hopkins Eatery This Tallahassee favorite family-owned restaurant has the best sandwiches, salads, and homemade desserts. Be sure to try the Chicken Tetrazzini Salad. Visit them at 1415 Market Street in The Gallery at Market Street, down from Bedfellow's and Nic's Toggery. Momo's Pizza Known for slices as big as your head, we think Momo's is the best pizza in town! Their Momo's Pizza of the Month is always a solid bet. Stop by at 1410 Market Street, near Chrysalis Fine Fabrics and Hearth & Soul. Gordo's Authentic Cuban deliciousness. We recommend their Croquetas, Gordo's Shicken Wrap, and the Gordo's Shicken Philly which all go perfectly with a Gordo's Smash. Find them at 1460 Market Street, right beside our office building. Tasty Pastry Bakery Family owned since 1963, this is the perfect place to end your day exploring the Market District with a little something sweet. From cookies, cupcakes, and donuts to casseroles to go, there's always something delicious here. Visit them at 1355 Market Street, just down from Little Paris.

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